Reading Part B: An Overview

Texts and Context
The two texts are on health-related topics and are similar to texts found in academic or professional journals.

The reading texts are usually between 600 and 800 words in length.

The questions are in multiple choice format with four possible answers.

There are between 8 and 10 questions for each text and you must choose the response which you think is most correct.

Candidates have 45 minutes in which to skim and scan two texts to answer a set of questions for each text.

If you get 65% of questions correct you should be able to get a B grade

Question Types
All questions are multiple choice and will require the candidate to
· identify words and phrases with similar or opposite meanings
· understand main ideas
· work out the meaning of a word or phrase from the context it is used in
· distinguish fact from opinion
· complete unfinished statements
· summarise a paragraph
· find specific details