Reading Part A Question Types

In summary, based on publicly available information, there are 4 types of gap fill used by the OET centre, and in Reading Module 3 we have tried to create tasks following this formula.
  1. Type 1 Gaps which require you to put the same word from the text into the gap. (Approximately 40%)
  2.  Type 2 Gaps which require you to change the word form in some way, most commonly nouns to verbs, verbs to nouns, nouns to adjectives etc. (Approximately 40%)
  3. Type 3 Gaps which require some kind of mathematical number or transformation and often found in tables (Approximately 10%)
  4. Type 4 Gaps where the word cannot be found written in the text. For these questions you will need to insert a word in the summary which creates the same meaning as in the text. (Approximately 10%)
Obviously, Type 4 Gaps are the hardest, especially within the 15 minute time frame. Your goal is to fill the maximum number of correct gaps within 15 minutes, with 20 out of 30 being a reasonable target as this puts you above 65% and in B range. 

Keep checking back for more detailed information about these different question types!