Reading Part A: Overview

Texts & Content
There are 3 or 4 short reading texts on a particular health-related topic.  The texts may be of the following types
· Research Report
· Tables
· Graphs
· Case studies
· Bullet points
· Extract from an article   
  • You must complete a summary paragraph by filling in blank spaces with a suitable word or words.
  • There are 25 – 35 questions.
  • Candidates have 15 minutes to skim and scan through the texts, and to write the answer in the answer booklet.
  • If you get 65% of questions correct you should be able to get a B grade.
    Question Types
    There are no questions. It is a gap fill activity in which the candidate must fill in the blanks, using mainly (but not always) words from the texts.
    There are 4 gap types:
    1.     same word as in the text
    2.     same word, but in a different form
    3.     number or figure from a graph or chart
    4.     different word, but with similar meaning